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We bring to you high-quality products, exceptional UI/UX and a world-class tech pool of mobile and web arena that fills the gap between the innovative and technological world. At Cloudtek, our solutions become a cutting-edge brand that others take motivation from.

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We develop delightful web & mobile apps based on globally recognized platforms and standards.

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Create tech-driven strategy and solutions for your disruptive technology challenges with our IT consulting service.

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We help companies to optimize resources & integrate the inputs to achieve goals within scope, time, & budget.

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With our quality assurance testing we put our focus on the quality of software we deliver to our clienteles.



We are admired and appreciated for our commitment to honesty, trust and agility.


We are loyal & dedicated to accomplish the highest standards to satisfy our client needs.


A positive outlook let us to persist, be optimist & resilient and motivate those around us.


We do everything in a unique way to try innovative and exceptional ideas.


We respect every culture, language and gender to work together for lasting relationship.


Our performance culture values smart work and we put our efforts wisely.


We empowered our staff to focus on quality development to create meaningful outcomes.


We are eager to help others, to take ownership and take pride in our work and teams.

What makes us different?

From cloud architectures to IT consulting, we think it's important to understand how to connect dots between strategy and execution.

Our transparency, agility and dedication underpins everything we do. We offer cost-effective solutions using the right resources to our clients that seamlessly blend with the product and company strategy. Our attributes, commitment to customers and quality of work are what sets us apart from our competitors and other enterprises that operate around us.

How we work with clients?

It takes time to find a loyal customer but seconds to lose one – when working with our clients we try to unlock their bottlenecks, understand their business goals and then establish a strategy set deadlines & goals accordingly.

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Our Services

We adore adapting our tactics to offer every customer the best software solutions that are at the forefront of the business.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services help you improve your product design and create a high-tech digital strategy. Our experts will closely analyse your workflows, monitoring the performance to explore the pain points that help your industry leverage cutting-edge technologies and de-clutter your product design.

Project Management

Our project management services involve planning, managing, and developing projects according to customer requirements and constraints. Our team of project managers performs all the tasks related to project work, from conceptualization to completion. The end goal is to complete the project and deliver the result-oriented product on time, on budget and within a scope.

Cloud Computing

Cloudtek helps enterprises transform their IT environment with world-class Cloud Computing Services. Our team of experts delivers reliable and cost-effective services like Azure Cloud, GCP solutions, DevOps, Cloud architecture and Amazon Web Services that provide companies with a competitive edge. We help our customers to get the most out of them with our expertise and tech solutions.

Web Application Development

Our web development service is fueled with innovation, ideas, creativity, plus a deep approach towards your goals and requirements. We understand your objectives as well as your competitors and thus, we deliver the products that are robust yet very efficient in driving you through the hitches and challenges of your business domain.

Mobile Application Development

Creating exceptional mobile experiences that solve industry challenges for clients ranging from SMEs to large enterprises and creative entrepreneurs. With profound knowledge of native Android, iOS and cross-platform application development, we ensure that your vision is transformed into a strikingly designed, user-friendly and appealing mobile solution of high-quality.


UI/UX services help companies make their products elegant and attractive, create exceptional visual features with excellent graphic rudiments, thrilling animation and transitions. We create simple, clear and user-friendly software that define customer journey on your app and website. Our UI/UX designers strive to build strong brand awareness to help your industry improve client satisfaction, user engagement, as well as scale-up your industry to grow and boost.

Quality Assurance

Our QA services offer bug-free, good-looking, high-quality software to keep client retention. We use cutting-edge tools and solutions to build competent products and help businesses to perform a smooth digital transformation. Our team works according to the plan and ensures trouble-free software to meet client expectations.

Share your project idea, and we’ll offer the most appropriate tech solution.

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We aspire to become a world leader in advancing businesses through digital means. Customer satisfaction, Innovation and Teamwork are our core values that are reflected in who we are, how we work and what we strive for. 


We strive for excellence in all that we do. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them.


We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do. Our employees work around the clock coming up with ideas.

Openness & Honesty

We believe that open communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship whether it’s with our employees or our clients.


We work in a team and create an environment in which every person is valued and rewarded for their efforts.


We believe that flexibility leads to excellence and we tailor all our services to the specific needs of each client.


When we face a tough decision we never compromise our values and principles. We do what is right, not what is the easiest.

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Case Studies

MakUSafe is a company of Safety IoT wearable technology devices. It aims to improve Safety, Data & Analytics solutions for improving workers’ health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents, risk exposures and mitigating workplace hazards.

Our goal was to design & develop a Web & Mobile Application that helps the user to manage/record total working hours, workers’ health & safety, workstation & machine temperature, fire and harmful gasses alerts. In addition to monitoring the workers’ work status i.e., In-progress or Completed, we were required to implement a “Work Status” which reports the work progress of workers. The device was to offer various graphical ways to make meaningful insights not only to visualize the work progress but also to alert the user to maintain social distance during the COVID situation.

PreSonus Audio Electronics, is an American manufacturer of professional audio equipment and software which creates, records, mixes, and masters music and other audio. It conducts different music events, sells all types of music equipment and has a website with an online store.

With the recent development in the music industry, one of the major challenges faced by the key components was to develop a website where customers can easily access software, hardware, and other professional audio equipment. We created a full architecture of workflow to establish structure and enhance usability. With our team effort, we successfully converted the whole website to Angular and the desired output received positive feedback from the stockholders as well as the users.

One of our clients had a critical problem with an existing application. They reported that Key, Vehicle and Recon tracking was the biggest encounter faced by their customers.

However, there was a catch.

They required an application to track the physical location of Keys and Vehicles in real-time. We helped them fix the problem and built a web and mobile application for their customers.

We accepted the challenge and our team developed a web and mobile application that implemented key, vehicle, and recon tracking systems to track physical locations in real-time. We developed dashboards with an existing AWS database using Elastic Search. The project was implemented using Laravel, Amazon Web Services, React, and Angular. Our trackers came with some powerful features. We implemented Search, Alerts, Reporting, Geofences and Recon Tracking feature to find any key or vehicle plus it automatically synced the inventory feed. Furthermore, it helped in spotting the exact location on Google Maps. A notification panel was installed that alerted users of the movement of keys, vehicles, location-based notifications, etc. We built a report panel that provided information about missing keys and vehicles,

Our web and mobile application allowed their customers to easily track keys, cars and recons. The result was a well-organized, visually appealing and easy-to-use interface, where all customers could easily access their information through the dashboard.

The development of the “Ring a Doctor” application started in 2016. The idea was relatively new to our team as well as the Pakistani market. Due to that, there were enhancements required as part of the ongoing development. Stabilizing the product and keeping up with the market change were two major challenges.

We developed a custom global telehealth platform that allowed doctors and patients to communicate in real-time remotely. With a ‘can-do’ approach, our dedicated developers and QA engineers took over the challenge and worked closely with our client to reveal all complicated facets of the app. Because of the frequent change in the requirement, we developed a robust yet flexible application.

A dashboard was developed for physicians to set up an online clinic to examine their patients. We developed an interface to adjust the working hours, consultation fee, scheduling and online consultation.

The application developed for patients focused on providing various health-related services to improve their healthcare.

We implemented another feature by the name of ‘Immediate doctor’ to connect the patients with a General Practitioner (GP) without the hassle of finding and selecting a doctor. Another option was to choose a practitioner from a pool of qualified doctors as per their needs or schedule a future appointment with a preferred doctor at their convenience.

Additionally, secure payment gateways were created for hassle-free transactions. We have used Java, Swift, Angular JS, NodeJS, React Native, Python, Django, AWS services, OpenTok and Twilio for both frontend and backend interfaces.

Thus, we were able to deliver our application on time with all the necessary features that the client had requested. “Ring a doctor” was successfully launched within a year. The application’s performance was admirable and well acknowledged by end-users.

Designing and developing a flawless project in the minimum time and budget is one of the hardest things to carry out. The client needed a Responsive Website within a very short span of time, and GUESS WHAT? We successfully executed the whole project, 3-days prior to the deadline!
The goal was to construct a MERN application in order to display properties with a headless CMS integration. Prototyping was carried out using Webflow and Prismic integrated as its CMS.
Languages used were Graph QL, React Js and Mongo DB.
We gathered the requirements of the business. Our team conducted a thorough research for the same business-model types followed by designing a modern version of it. After design finalization, development was carried out by a team of senior developers using best development practices. QA team ensured testing of every component in order to meet the mark. Journey mapping concluded the Customers’ Feedback, which later turned out to help in improving more.
Our team of experts successfully executed the project within the given set timeline. The release of the new version received a positive feedback from the stockholders as well as the users.

Our Client was not satisfied with the existing model of their business type. They reached us upon a healthy recommendation as they were stuck with a team of developers who were unable to deliver what they were seeking. Getting into the middle of a project left unfinished by previous teams of developers is a challenge that teams usually avoid working on.

To overcome the challenge that our client faced, we saw the existing model and conducted research, following the top-notch competitors from the same domain, we created our own responsive app with an enhanced User Experience and interaction. We utilized the data analytics and user feedback to further improve the product functionality.

Our experts achieved to improve the Churn rate and therefore, a significant raise in MRR was also witnessed by our Client that later turned out to be one of the best Joint-Ventures in our history.

This project was executed successfully without any hurdles faced. However, the challenging part was to exactly understand the model and implement every tiny bit of detail that our client wanted to incorporate.

In order to build the model, we gathered requirements. A thorough analysis of the same business model type was conducted by our team. We proposed to them the latest model that ideally has to be achieved by augmenting their existing model, later moving on to the further iteration of the platform. The technology stack we used to implement the model was Graph QL, React Js and Mongo DB.

After alpha and beta versions, our expert team successfully released V1 and shipped the deliverables on time around the built hype. This increased the client’s trust in our abilities and knowledge, which later led to a lasting relationship.