Tomorrow’s solutions with Today’s Technology.

Working with Cloudtek is like having your own remote office and cutting the Cost to half. You don’t have to use any Third-Party monitoring, managing or Evaluating services when hiring a virtual employee with us. Time is money so We are making everything Simple, Quick & Easy for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide clients managed human resources with no strings attached, no liability, Need based, short & long term projects. Best of all; at a much lower cost than keeping any in-house employee. You don’t have to pay high replica orologi svizzeri salaries plus benefits to employees or pay high rates to agencies to hire them for you. Here at Cloudtek, we have it all figured out for you.

Our Culture

Culture is at the core of everything we stand for at CloudTek — 90% of our team consists of Senior and Experienced staff. We also provide a constantly learning environment to our experts so that they are always well versed with latest tools and technologies. Working with Cloudtek is all about celebrating Collective Team Success!.